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Specializing in Bamboo-Fusion Massage

Specializing in Bamboo-Fusion Massage

“As relaxing as you want it to be or as clinical as you need it to be.”

Bamboo-Fusion FAQ

What is Bamboo-Fusion?

Bamboo-Fusion is a massage technique using gently heated bamboo tools for kneading tight muscles and rolling out muscle tension.

Why would I want to have a Bamboo-Fusion massage?

The soothing heat from the bamboo penetrates your muscles, triggering the body’s automatic relaxation response and making it easier for our therapists to access underlying areas of tension. Bamboo delivers pressure evenly, allowing specific deep tissue work without the “poky”, often painful feel of thumbs.

How much does this treatment cost?

The Bamboo-Fusion massage technique is included with every massage by a certified Bamboo-Fusion therapist.

Bamboo-Fusion Classes

Learn the art of Bamboo-Fusion Massage

Bamboo-Fusion is an innovative way to provide Swedish or deep tissue full body massage on the table while reducing the stress on your hands. You will learn a new way to give effleurage and petrissage with warm bamboo of different shapes and sizes in the hand. The bamboo set is so lightweight and easy to carry, it will be the only way you will ever want to massage again. By introducing a new tool you will increase the amount of clients to which you can apply deep tissue, give longer full body massage, and save your hands from repetitive injuries and fatigue.

Our workshops typically have approximately 6-10 students so you will receive plenty of individual instruction from the instructor. The classes are 80% hands-on, so you will learn a great deal. At class completion you will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver a wonderful bamboo massage treatment.

Bamboo-Fusion Testimonials

"No words can begin to describe the pain I was feeling before my doctor told me to call Sacred Oasis and schedule a Bamboo-fusion massage. I feel SO much better. When I learned that the owner of Sacred Oasis is also one of six in the USA that is a certified instructor of Bamboo-fusion teaching this INCREDIBLE method to other massage therapists, changer! Stacey and her therapists are the VERY BEST!"
V. Trudell
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"Bamboo-fusion Instructor Stacey Vipond is amazing! Best massage ever!"
J. Hegeman
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