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About Us

Sacred Oasis Massage and Wellness offers two locations. One in Lansing and one in Okemos. Each massage is geared towards your individual needs and Bamboo-fusion (a heated deep-tissue modality) is included at no additional charge by a certified Bamboo-fusion therapist. Please feel free to browse through our page and see all we have to offer. For massage therapists looking to learn Bamboo-fusion, Sacred Oasis offers classes with owner and certified instructor Stacey Vipond. 

Our Mission

Whether you have just begun your wellness journey and want to see if massage therapy can make a difference in your overall health, or you are already well aware of the many benefits massage offers, we are here for you! At Sacred Oasis Massage and Wellness our therapists listen to your individual needs and then create the best treatment for you. We understand that not everyone is the same, we are all at different times in our lives and sometimes trying something different is hard. Call us today and experience the difference Sacred Oasis can bring into your life. Your health is “SACRED” cherish it! 

Our Massage

Modalties Included

- Deep-Tissue Massage

- Trigger Point Massage

- Neuromuscular Therapy

- Swedish Massage

- Pregnancy Massage

- Oncology Massage


30 Minute Massage .............. $50

60 Minute Massage .............. $80

90 Minute Massage .............. $110

*Add Hempfield Botanicals
CBD Massage Oil..................... $20

Special Offer!

60 minute Revival CBD Massage and 2oz Revive CBD topical take home for $125 (90 minute – $155)

*Bamboo-fusion included at no extra cost

Couples Massage and Massage Packages Available

Insurance Accepted In Lansing
HSA and FSA Accounts Accepted At Both Locations



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