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Specializing in Bamboo-Fusion Massage

Specializing in Bamboo-Fusion Massage


Raindrop Technique | Vitaflex


 …the missing piece, quite possibly, to your health & wellness puzzle.

Raindrop Technique.

Everything is energy. Including our human selves. When we combine the energetic power of therapuetic essential oils with specific gentle application techniques, we create a unique experience physically and emotionally. The results are truly powerful. Imagine targeted massage + acupressure + reflexology all rolled into one . . . and yet uniquely different . . . driven by the power of pure, authentic essential oils. That is Raindrop!

Think total body reset at a cellular level targeting all our body systems:

  • reduce stress
  • ease muscle discomfort
  • facilitate deep healing
  • support spinal health/alignment
  • increase energy improve sleep
  • release stuck emotions
  • restore imbalances in the body
  • enhance lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, respiratory systems
  • unlayer deeply buried toxins

God gave our bodies the innate ability to heal. If we’ll only listen, they have a lot to tell us! Today’s world is full of attacks on our health; through a Raindrop experience we can work together to uncover the best healthy you.


. . . to an amazing step in proactive health care. Truly beneficial and uniquely beautiful to nearly everyone, the benefits of Raindrop Technique are vast and can set in motion a healing process – both physically and emotionally.

Health is everything we do, say, hear, see and eat. Raindrop Technique is one tool to help us restore balance in the body.

Why not make it part of your wellness arsenal?

Rejuvenate the Mind. Balance the Body.

Raindrop Technique

What is Raindrop?

Let your body, mind and emotions release and put your day behind you as you experience the beautiful healing energy of Raindrop Technique

  •  Raindrop Technique stems from the wisdom of the Lakota Indians and the healing power they gathered from the Aurora Borealis.
  • The purpose of Raindrop is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level . releasing toxins and supporting the immune system . bringing the body into structural and electrical balance.
  • During your session essential oils are gently applied to your bare back with a series of light “feather strokes;” awakening nerve endings and sending healing to every organ of your body.
  • A series of eight essential oils are used; each specifically chosen for their cleansing and healing chemical constituents.
  • Fun fact: almost everyone measures taller after just one session!

” . . . and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.” what is vitaflex? Vitaflex is a term literally meaning ” vitality through the reflexes.”

-Revelation 22:2


What is Vitaflex?

Vitaflex is a term literally meaning ” vitality through the reflexes.”

  • The Vitaflex technique originated in ancient Tibet and was brought to the United States in the 1920’s.
  • Vitaflex is a specialized technique using the pads and tips of the fingers in a rolling motion which fires energy into the body through our nerve pathways.
  • There are more than 5,000 VF points vs. only 365 acupuncture points. These reflex points stimulate all our internal body systems.
  • Sickness is often the result of blocked nerve pathways. Vitaflex helps move the healing molecules of the essential oils along these pathways to awaken, cleanse and help restore function throughout our body systems.
  • The Vitaflex technique is used along the spinal reflex points of the feet.
  • Fun fact: the soles of our feet are like mini-maps of all our organs!

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